A special moment, here then gone, a memory captured, held with love. Each image triggers thoughts from then, emotions, feelings stored within. A sense of calm, of quiet still, of evening winds, of winter's chill. Special moments, gifts from God, captured memories, shared with love.

Recent Work

While exploring the back roads and rural areas of the Pacific Northwest I have enjoyed experiencing "snapshots" of the old homesteads, barns and countryside which make this a special place...my hope is to share the sense of quiet and stillness to be found here.

Planting A Seed


Golden Grain


Hidden View

Followed a trail near Boiler Bay which led me to...

More About My Work

As a primarily self-taught artist and photographer, I have strived to develop a style that would be unique to my work and that would be well suited for my choice of subjects. I enjoy creating and capturing scenes that project the rustic feel of the Pacific Northwest’s farmlands, vineyards and rural landscapes. Seeing a weathered barn or a tire swing hanging from an old oak tree evokes images of simpler times and simple pleasures for me. Having grown up in a small rural Northwest town, these visual reminders of my past often provide the inspiration for my work.

My passion for photography has grown from efforts initially intended to capture images of local scenes that I could use for reference with my artwork. I soon discovered the joy that can be found working with digital images which can be cropped, highlighted, and tinted to create an end result unique to the person who it was created by, similar to an artist’s style being distinctive and easily identified by those who have followed their work. I have tried to be sensitive to the natural beauty of the subjects that I am working with, keeping artistic changes minimal while trying to create a soothing image that is pleasing to the eye.

I began sharing my photographs on Facebook accompanied with personal reflections inspired by the images. I found this creative outlet to be an enjoyable means of networking with family, friends, artists and photographers, many from around the world, who in turn provided timely comments and encouragement based on how my images and writing may have impacted them personally. As time passed, I came to realize that creating and sharing my work with others has fed an artistic need and passion and has confirmed the direction that I want to go with my remaining years. It brings me an incredible sense of joy and comfort and has provided me with an outlet to express and share my faith and belief in the Lord with others through the beauty He surrounds us with.

My hope is that this collection of some of my favorite images and personal reflections will leave you with a smile and a sense of the natural beauty that can be found here. Many of these images speak to my heart, triggering memories from my past. Perhaps they will do the same for you…

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Recent Journal Posts

April 18, 2016 |

What We Remember

What we remember…what we forget…the heart of our mind speak…a source of much joy or tearful regrets…the memories we replay again and again…rewound and reliving…the loop never ends…the good times…the laughter…the smiles shared with friends…some memories we will cherish…from now till the end…held onto like treasure…stored deep down inside…stories we’ve collected…some that we hide…cruel words and poor choices…sorrow and lament…guilt and repentance…locked somewhere within…seeking forgiveness…accepting His love…a free gift for our choosing…bought with His blood…self talk and mind speak…a blessing or curse…hold onto the good times…learn from the worst…focus on family…love and good friends…your children and grandkids…again and again…relive the memories that build you up from within…childhood adventures…a song from back then…a coach or...

August 5, 2014 |

Home On Wheels

This well worn travel trailer parked in waist deep grass appears to be settling in for a long stay at its final destination point. It left me wondering about the memories shared by a young family making their maiden voyage in their sleek “home on wheels”. Did they make trips to the coast to enjoy the winter storms, the salt air and the crashing waves from the comfort of their wood paneled walls and turquoise Formica counter tops? Or were Crater Lake and the Oregon Caves among the local natural wonders checked off their bucket list of “must see” attractions, each captured in faded black and white photos stored randomly in a shoe box...

July 30, 2014 |

Parked and Dusty Memories

Parked and dusty memories…stored fondly in a quiet place, reserved for those who’ve touched our hearts and left their mark while passing through our busy lives. Favorite stories…family tales…photos, keepsakes, homemade gifts…young children’s handprints cast in clay. Faded papers…sports events…high school yearbooks…programs from an 8th grade play. Scraps of fabric…quilts and dolls and baby shoes…pocket knives and boy scout books…treasures stashed in every drawer and every nook. Circumstances bring us here…random thoughts and passing years…mixed emotions…smiles and tears. Standing in an empty home filled with 50 years of days now gone…a family scrapbook filled with things…some remembered…others odd and hard to place…years and years of gathered stuff…keepsakes…cook books…cobwebs…dust and endless love. Making choices…what to...

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